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Maddison’s Story

Pregnant with my second child, I thought I had it in the bag.  I had been through this before. I had endured 26-hour labour that ended up in a c-section, got through those postpartum blues and exclusively breastfed through thrush and nursing strikes. This time around, my learning curve was going to be much smaller.  Our second daughter arrived in early May and those first two weeks I had with her were ignorant bliss. I truly understood what people mean… Read more »

New Twin Study Suggests CMV Plays a Key Role in Shaping the Immune System

A recent Stanford University twins study concluded that environmental forces are more influential than genes when it comes to determining the make-up of an individual’s immune system. The study, led by Stanford immunologist Mark Davis, compared 210 identical and fraternal twins between 8 and 82 years old. After analyzing blood samples that tracked 200+ immune system parameters including cell population frequencies, cytokine responses, and serum proteins, researchers found that in three-quarters of the measurements, differences between pairs of twins were strongly linked to non-heritable… Read more »

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