Our Story

When our son, Alexandre, was born in 2008, neither one of us had ever heard of congenital Cytomegalovirus or “CMV”. We were devastated when doctors explained his diagnosis and what he would have to go through. 

During one of his especially difficult treatment days, we promised our newborn son that we would do something about CMV. We vowed that once things settled down and life got back to normal, we would to do our part to help. 

Over time, that promise evolved. We eventually held our first fundraising event in February 2013, a ball hockey tournament we called Le Classique. We raised $7,000 in our first crack at fundraising. It was a modest success, but we knew that the event would grow. In 2020, the 8th edition of Le Classique raised over $100,000.

We founded the Canadian CMV Foundation out of necessity. Although there was a plethora of American and international charities devoted to this cause, there was nothing established in Canada. We decided to fill that void. 

It is truly amazing to see how far we have come since those early days. The reality is, we would not be here today without the dedication and support of the entire CMV community. We are so grateful for every parent, volunteer, donor, health professional, researcher and law maker who has contributed to our successes. Thank you to each and every one of you. We have a vision for a world without CMV and I have no doubt that with the support of this community we can achieve that goal.

– Rob and Michelle Tétrault