Our vision is a world without CMV. 

Our Mission: The Canadian CMV Foundation is a national non-profit organization committed to eradicating congenital CMV infections.

We are completely dedicated to:

  • Funding relevant and innovative research
  • Supporting the CMV community
  • Raising awareness
  • Advocating for change

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Our Values

Canadian CMV Foundation is committed to advancing its vision and undertaking its work with:


We are passionate about the work we do and the role we play which will lead us to eradicate the condition. Our dedication to the cause inspires us to work effectively and continuously evolve to achieve the greatest impact.


We are ethical, accountable and transparent in the work we do. We are continually striving to ensure that donors and the public can remain confident that their dollars are used wisely in carrying out our vision.


We promote trust, collaboration and open communication to help create a positive community that maximizes the potential of all individuals. We strive to create an environment where problem-solving and feedback are encouraged and valued.


We are committed to serving as a trusted leader in the CMV community, not only nationally, but internationally.  We will strive to become a resource in the area of CMV, and as such, our positions will always be informed, evidence-based and forward-thinking.


We recognize the invaluable contribution of our volunteers; whose dedication, support and commitment make our work possible.  Founded by a very small group of dedicated volunteers, we remain community-driven to this day.


We fund research and undertake initiatives that have the greatest impact and benefit for the CMV community. We are dedicated to leading the way in support of our vision of creating a future without Congenital CMV Infections.