The Foundation

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The Canadian CMV Foundation works to inform and educate others on specific prevention measures to protect against the risk of CMV infection. Congenital CMV is a common disease for infants but rarely talked about. Because CMV is a silent disease – meaning most people who are infected have no signs of symptoms (asymptomatic) – the mother is likely unaware she has CMV during her pregnancy. Still, every hour a child is disabled by the said disease.

The organization is committed to eradicating Congenital CMV infections through funding relevant and innovative research, supporting and advocating for the CMV community, and raising community awareness of the condition.

Canadian CMV Foundation is committed to advancing its vision and undertaking its work with; Read More »

Our Story

When our Alexandre was born in 2008, neither one of us had ever heard of congenital Cytomegalovirus or “CMV”. We were devastated when doctors explained his diagnosis and what he would have to go through.  During one of his especially difficult treatment days, we promised our newborn son that we would do something about CMV. We vowed that once things settled down and life got back to normal, we would to do our part to help.  Over time, that promise… Read more »