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January 6, 2021 – Dr. Megan Pesch and Kate Wilson present the findings of their research on the medical decision-making and practices healthcare providers use to screen an infant for cCMV.

About the presenters: 

Dr. Megan Pesch is a Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrician, originally from British Columbia, and now living in Ann Arbor Michigan. Dr. Pesch completed her medical training including medical school, residency, a masters in clinical research and fellowship at the University of Michigan where she is now faculty. Dr. Pesch is the mother of a (perfect and adorable) 2 year old daughter with congenital CMV, and has shaped her research and clinical program to support optimal developmental outcomes for children affected by CMV. She serves on the executive committee of the National CMV Foundation, and is working towards the goal of universal CMV screening. 

Kate Wilson is originally from Maryland but now calls Michigan home. She previously received her Masters in Biotechnology from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland before entering medical school. She completed her pediatric residency at the University of Louisville in Louisville, Kentucky. It was during residency where her interest in congenital CMV began. Currently, she is in her final year of fellowship in Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Her primary research interests lie in exploring the screening practices for congenital CMV, evaluating the cost-effectiveness of screening approaches, and advocating for increased provider awareness and recognition of congenital CMV.