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William Jones’ daughter, Francesca, was the very first baby identified with congenital CMV during the pilot phase of Ontario’s universal newborn cCMV screening program – the first and only of its kind in Canada.

Francesca was born with profound hearing loss due to the cCMV infection, but because of early detection, her family was able to put interventions in place that drastically improved her outcomes. Today, Francesca is a happy and healthy toddler who loves to chat and laugh with her parents.

This is why we need universal cCMV screening across Canada – to ensure that all children receive the care they deserve to reach their full potential. It’s time for the rest of Canada to follow Ontario’s lead. It’s time to Screen For CMV!

As of September 2021, Ontario is still the only province to offer universal cCMV screening for newborns. If you would like to join our efforts, please contact us at: to find out how you can help advocate for universal cCMV screening in your province.