We are thrilled to be hosting the CMV Public Health & Policy Conference in Canada for the first time ever!

Join us August 2021 in the beautiful city of Ottawa for 3 days of enlightening and engaging activities with some of the world’s top experts. Meet other parents from across Canada and the globe to share experiences and learn about what is being done in the field of CMV.

The goal of the Congenital CMV Conference is to present the latest research on diagnosis and treatment, raise awareness, delineate prevention efforts, provide information about early intervention options, and disseminate family support resources in an effort to reduce the number of babies born with CMV and connect families affected by CMV with the resources they need to improve their quality of life.

We want to get as many Canadian CMV parents together as possible. Funding may be available to cover the cost of travel and accommodations for your family. If you are interested, please sign up below and we will be in touch.

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We hope to meet you in our nation’s capital next summer!

In the meantime, we teamed up with NCHAM and National CMV Foundation to bring you the 2020 congenital CMV Research and Innovations Webinar Series this past August. Click here to view all of the webinar recordings.

Starting Wednesday, September 16, 2020, CMV Canada will also be bringing you live presentations bi-weekly at 12:00 pm EST.

Tune in to learn about all of the latest in CMV research, policy and advocacy initiatives. You’ll hear from some of the top experts in the field and get a preview of some of the incredible presentations we have lined up for the conference in Ottawa next summer.

We will be broadcasting live from our Facebook and YouTube channels, so make sure to like and subscribe on those platforms to catch all of the updates.

A big thank you to our partners at Merck, National CMV Foundation and NCHAM for making this series possible!

Sponsorship Opportunities

If you are interested in sponsoring the conference, please contact Kayla Keenan at: