The Canadian CMV Foundation is dedicated to funding critical and innovative research in the field of CMV. Expert medical professionals and scientists are constantly gaining a better understanding of the condition, treatment options and working on vaccine development.

If you are looking for more information, we have compiled a collection of informative news and research articles.

December 2020CityNews Toronto Talks CMV
November 2020Universal CMV Screening Bill Proposed in Manitoba
March 2020Moderna Completes Enrollment of Cytomegalovirus (CMV) Vaccine Phase 2 Study
January 2020Sound On: 1-Year-Old Enjoys New World After Cochlear Implants
January 2020Moderna Sees Positive Results on Vaccine for Disease That Can Cause Birth Defects
January 2020CMV and Hearing Loss in Infants – An Audiology Call to Action
December 2019Ontario builds first-of-its-kind screening program to help children with hearing loss
November 2019Baby hearing loss test is a team effort
October 2019Valacyclovir Cuts Rate of Fetal Cytomegalovirus Infection by 71%
August 2019Doctors tackle CMV deafness virus in children
July 2019Newborn saliva swabs test viability of screening for virus linked to baby hearing loss
July 2019Trials of vaccine to save newborns from potentially deadly CMV ‘stealth virus’
June 2019Disease of the Week: CMV
May 2019Experts make the case for universal CMV screening
December 2018So much to be thankful for’: Treatment helps baby hear for the first time
December 2018Cytomegalovirus: What Pregnant Women Need to Know About CMV
September 2018Cytomegalovirus: CMV Mum wants to help other parents